Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sweet Savannah Shrimp™:


How do I thaw my Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Sweet Savannah Shrimp™?

Immediately place your bag of IQF Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ in the freezer. Before cooking, remove the desired amount of shrimp from bag, and place shrimp in a large bowl or sink. Completely cover shrimp with cold water. Run a light flow of cold water over shrimp to speed up thawing process. Allow shrimp to soak and thaw 1 hour for the shells to properly rehydrate before peeling, deveining or cooking. Drain and rinse with clean, cold water. These thawing instructions should be followed even if you will be cooking Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ with the heads and/or shells on.

How do I thaw my 1lb bag of frozen peeled & deveined shrimp?
If you’d like to slowly thaw, allow 10-12 hours once shrimp have been removed from your freezer. Our frozen 1lb bags of P&D shrimp can be placed in your refrigerator in or out of the original package. If you’d like to thaw for use within 1 hour of cooking, place shrimp in sink or bowl of cold water, in or out of the original package. If placing in sink, run a light flow of cold water over shrimp to speed up thawing process.

Should I purchase frozen or non-frozen shrimp?

If you’re planning to cook your Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ right away, either will be fine. However, if you don’t wish to cook your shrimp within 24 hours of purchase, we suggest purchasing frozen shrimp.

When will you return to my favorite farmer’s market in Atlanta?

To find out when Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ will return to Atlanta, join our market alert list – email us to sign up. Market dates are also announced on our Facebook page. facebook.com/SweetSavannahShrimp

How long does your shrimping season last?

Our boats typically work in State or Federal waters April – late-January.